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Navy Girl

Satin Navy Cadet Mini Dress

$68.63 Sale $59.02
Save: 14%
Going to sea was never so much fun! Made from gorgeous, super-shiny white spandex-satin, this gorgeous Navy Cadet mini dress features a high quality... more info

Satin Navy Girl Bodysuit

$96.37 Sale $82.88
Save: 14%
Going to sea was never such fun! This sensational satin navy-girl body suit features a high-quality zipper from bust to right up behind the bottom!... more info

Satin Navy Girl Skirt

$45.27 Sale $38.93
Save: 14%
This sexy satin Navy Girl skirt you will get anyone to follow your orders The sexy tie-front blouse features gold Navy emblems and is edged in a... more info