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Just love wearing these

The satin posing pants are fabulous. A great cut with elastic giving a snug fit. At first, I wondered whether such tiny looking panties would fit, but they did and I have four pairs in different gorgeous colours. Definite favourites for day to day wearing, although the bikini dainties are evening wear.

John Ball


Hi all, just received my order and wanted to say a big thank you to everyone there. Everything is just amazing. First time ordering with custom sizes and I honestly couldn't be happier. The look and feel is absolutely perfect. I look forward to buying more from you very soon.

Thanks again! Jay.


Princess Sissy Dress


When I looked through all the dresses in the catalog, I fell in love with the Princess dress - it was the most feminine and beautiful I had ever found when looking for something special for myself, and I waited a while before ordering it so I could be sure it would fit perfectly.

I ordered a couple small things first, how the material felt, how well-made it was, and zero in on my size/measurements. This is the most luxurious satin I've ever worn (and my dress is lined, too, so I'm in heaven). No cheap material here, and the craft and care that went into making my dress is just superb! A work of art, and perfect!!

I can't say enough good things about the craft and attention that went into my dress, and I am so impressed I'm already putting together my order for another dress I've wanted.

Deanna CD

I love, love, LOVE my new dress!

Hi, just a note to say how much I love, love, LOVE my new dress! It just arrived today and it's perfect! I couldn't be happier! Thank you so much!


Love your shop!

I'm so exited looking forward to receiving my new Baby Blue Glass Silk Augustina dress. I love the way the glass silk always shows my lacy bra and camisole. Add matching panties and white nylons with heels to feel oh so girlie! I have bought so many lovely pieces from your shop - dresses, blouses, slips, panties, etc. Always perfect, always a beautiful fit! I love wearing my girlie things from your shop!!

Niki CD

Miss Prisella Sissy Dress

The best sissy dress ever. The panties stay wet when I am wearing this dress!

Love, Amy

PVC Bubble Panties

Thanks a lot for the super quality of their products.
I have a special request for the article PVC Bubble Panties.
I would like to order the panties with double leakage protection and wing closure under the diaper front as the japanese diaper style.
I would order three Pieres in hip 40. One in fabric Baby pink, Baby Blue and white . All lining in Baby pink. Of course, I like to pay the extra charge for the extra wishes. Please send me an email.
Best regards

Thomas Wolff

Very cute

It was very cute and the size was good.

Takada, Japan

Very hot

I just want to say you to continue your good work, your satin maid uniform are all very hot.


Excellent service

Just received my Leatherette Hotpants and PVC Baby Blue Panties well within the given delivery time and they fit so perfectly, are very comfortable and look ever so sexy, your material's and workmanship are just fabulous.

Sissy Phil

You nailed it !!!

I received my 3rd order and all of the items fit wonderfully, the materials, the quality, the sensuality , always a 5 star. Your creativity puts out real great unique products that last. These are NOT costume store things, they are wearable , sensual , high quality and lots of FUN! I fudged some measurements the first time and I learned my lesson. But Since I corrected my mistakes the Blouses, waists, panties, garters and other things fit exactly like they were made for me , so when I have the time to put stuff on for a while, it is an amazing feeling stepping into my own well fitting girly clothes ! (instead of trying to fit into someone else's clothes). Your services and quality should be a benchmark for fun, custom, playful clothes. More to order, more to come. Thank You much!


Reception de mon colis

Bonjour je viens juste de recevoir ma culotte sissy elle est génial
et très agréable a porter a bientôt pour de nouvelle commande


Fast Delivery - fantastic

Fast Delivery - fantastic - from across the world to Chester UK in 9 days. Thanks very much.


First rate service

Items arrived safe. Once again a painless and first rate service. Will be ordering again. Many thanks.


I could not be happier!

My order for Pandora panties and Mara Luxury petticoat just arrived. I could not be happier! The fit and finish is absolutely beautiful. Take advantage of the sizing that TheSissyStore provides, you will be thrilled at the exact fit. I am a satisfied sissy. Thank you d'Aryl


Your items are just so fantastic

Your items are just so fantastic and long lasting, still wearing everything I have purchased and they are as good as new particularly PVC and plastic they are just the best.

Sissy Phil

A place that accepts such a femdomed sissy like me

This site has been a blessing to this sissycuck. And a true understanding to see and know just what others like this sissy are born with and to be seen and used as in our proper station and place. This site has made it easy to find and feel accepted as what we are and are for. And to be able to have the perfect outfit made just to You is amazing. Thank You so much BirchPlace.

Gillian Crowell

Thank you

Thank you for a prompt delivery of my order. Everything arrived in perfect condition, just like i am used to. I'll be keeping my eyes open for something new and exciting to order.

Mark Steenbergen


Hi, Just a quick email to confirm that my order arrived safely and in very good condition, and much earlier than the longest you had allowed, so: thumbs-up to you. And the item is gorgeous. Utterly pretty. I shall be ordering again in the near future and I hope, hope, hope that the service continues to be as good as this. I am (literally) thrilled with your product: the slippery plastic bloomers. The best thing about being a girl is that we get to wear so many pretty things. And your website and operation is way, way, way ahead of the curve on that score. Fantastic. My sincere thanks to everyone at Birch Place Shop and in particular, to the girl who made my item. Her work is fabulous. Kindest regards.


Great shoes!

I thank you for the great shoes! The delivery was very fast and better than expected. The quality of the material is very nice! Please tell your team I'm very satisfied, what a perfect handmade creation. I love the crazy design, the comfort of the soft soles and the lockable buckles too :x (Sissy dreams since years) I think i will stop using other websites for my next order, is the best ever. This was my first order and definitely not my last one :) I just combined two parts of the shoes for more fun.

Sissy Ivy