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Frilly Governess Blouse

$62.79 Sale $47.09
Save: 25%
Our sexy Frill Governess blouse is perfect for any occasion. She is made from beautiful see-through, soft-net material that is gorgeous to the touch... more info

Hobble Nanny

$110.00 Sale $82.50
Save: 25%
This beautiful hobble dress features a high stand up collar that is double-lined in satin for your comfort. The dress is tight fitting that shows of... more info

Kristen see-through Blouse

$62.79 Sale $47.09
Save: 25%
Kristen shimmers with sexy sophistication! Whatever the occasion, she will make you feel a million dollars. Made in see-through soft net and cut in a... more info

Large PVC Maids Pinafore

$30.12 Sale $22.59
Save: 25%
A gorgeous huge PVC maid's pinafore! With gorgeous lace trimming. The over-generous ties allow a gorgeous bow to be tied at the rear. One size fits... more info

Nanny Pinafore

$35.57 Sale $26.67
Save: 25%
A gorgeous huge glass-silk or SlipperyPlastic pinafore with large lace edging - the perfect accessory for any nanny! The generous cut allows a... more info

Pleats Blouse

$71.02 Sale $53.27
Save: 25%
Made in shiny satin, our Pleat Blouse features a stand up mandarin-collar and shirt style button front. Long sleeves that are slightly puffed on the... more info

Ruffle Blouse

An absolutely divine black ruffle blouse! Made with loving care and designed to REALLY cause a sensation whenever and wherever you wear it! Made from... more info

Satin Beluka Pleated Blouse

$82.88 Sale $62.16
Save: 25%
Become a really sexy siren when you wear our stunning Satin Beluka Pleated Blouse. Made in shiny satin she has a flattering neck-line that is trimmed... more info

Satin Matron Blouse

$99.00 Sale $74.25
Save: 25%
The perfect blouse for a Matron or Nanny to wear when dealing with her submissive. The bodice is fitted with satin frills that lead up to the... more info

Satin Nanny Blouse

$69.00 Sale $51.75
Save: 25%
The perfect satin and sparkly organdy blouse for a nanny to wear when dealing with her submissive maid or sissy boy. Such beautiful collar and cuffs... more info

Satin Puff-sleeve Blouse

$84.69 Sale $63.52
Save: 25%
Made from high quality shiny satin, our puff-sleeve blouse features a tight bodice with amazing 'puff' sleeves and has three contrasting-colour pearl... more info

Satin Tease Skirt

$64.46 Sale $48.35
Save: 25%
Such a sensational satin skirt! Our female design team designed what they consider to be the sexiest 'work' skirt ever - a gorgeous shine, a gorgeous... more info

Satin Totty Bow Blouse

$70.16 Sale $52.62
Save: 25%
Sexy and sultry, our satin Totty blouse will look a knock out with whatever you team her with! Made in shiny satin, with a large stunning shape... more info

School Ma'am Blouse

$93.44 Sale $70.08
Save: 25%
Every one will pay attention to you when you wear her! She has an elasticated neck-line that is trimmed in lace and can be worn on or off the... more info

Sexy Satin Sash

$21.90 Sale $16.42
Save: 25%
The perfect sash for any occasion, and any outfit! Made from beautiful high quality satin, she has a generous length, and width, and can be tied in... more info

Stepford Wife Full-body Pinafore

$57.35 Sale $43.01
Save: 25%
Our stunning full body Stepford Wife Pinafore has so many uses for so many occasions and for so many outfits! Perfect if your a stern Nanny or strict... more info

Strict Long Pinafore

$36.52 Sale $27.39
Save: 25%
Our strict-looking pinny, ideal for a stern Nanny, Nurse, or Dominatrix. Made in shiny high quality satin, with a wide waist band, and a beautiful... more info

Strict School Ma'am Uniform

$485.41 Sale $364.06
Save: 25%
Demand respect and attention when you wear this dramatic uniform! Made in beautiful Italian silk material, she features a high stand up collar with... more info