If you want to look stunning then this fabulous dress is for YOU

This dress is a wonder to behold! The dress is made from an amazing extremely glossy holographic material that sparkles and shimmers with a kaleidoscope of bright vivid twinkling colours that catches every onlooker’s eyes at the tiniest movement.

I opted for the ‘custom sizing’ option and I now own an exquisite dress to die for. Not only is the beautifully tailored dress a PERFECT fit, the bodice is styled with the waist placed in EXACTLY the right place to create the perfect ‘sissy little girl’ appearance. Everything fits perfect and looks wonderful and the dainty puffed sleeves are tailored VERY high - which creates extreme ‘girliness’ that seriously shouts out ‘SISSY’. Forget the rest this is positively THE BEST! Five stars.

W Swales