Hi there, Just wanted to say I got my Flapsie Panties yesterday and I am sooooooo impressed with them! The fit, the work quality, the feel, the PVC used, everything! They are an amazing pair of pants! I love them to pieces. No doubt I shall be ordering another pair, this time I shall order a wider crotch as they need to go over a diaper! My mistake for not ticking that box this time! But still an awesome pair of pants! Loving the versatility of them being reversible. Two pants in one! They are GREAT! Keep up the good work. I've been a fan for a long time (my first purchase was. Robe, camisole and French knickers set 10years ago! And since then have got a pair of MJ's in pink, in white and some satin pants. I'm saving up for one of your gorgeous sissy dresses...... *sigh* I love your stuff so much! Best regards,