Hy gals! Now here's my feedback, finally I did it, as short as possible. :)))

Made with PURE LOVE! As a child I had a dream, to get into a mall by night and play with all these little fancy shining satin thingies. As someone said, why should only the girls have all the fun?

But this is beyond amazing! It outclasses everything I owned so far. I read the detailed descriptions and all the feedbacks before, so I knew a bit about what was coming, but as I opened the bag with the Satin Pajamas and Two Tone Pure Satin Panties it struck my heart! I never saw anything the like. And the idea for the double-lining is just ingenious! Ever since I dreamed about, how nice this would be. I even put pieces on the wrong way, just to get an idea of how it might feel. :D And of course every single word of all the feedbacks is true, about the lovely handling, the ultra premium quality, the ultra high precision 'art'work, etc. etc. and it's all perfect fit thanks to the custom sizes. When you open the bags even the smell and feeling through the fingers is so nice, like it came freshly out of the washer. There is no second place on this earth where you can get a new piece of clothes in such a fabulous condition. Now my wardrobe is your shop only! I put all the disappointments of past times into a big bag and throw it away with a smile, to be free and happy, looking into an awesome shiny future with you gals. I'm still overwhelmed, so many impressions.

The Satin Pajamas are so roomy, they'll cover every spot of your body in all positions (arms, legs and cleavage). Like all pieces they feel just so comfortable, like a second skin, it's breathable and warming, no sweating at all and not electrifying. The Two Tone Pure Satin Panties - a knockout! The Yuuka Cosplay Girl - beyond reach of words! I feel like a little japanese gal in the middle of her high school adventures! And her Petticoat, like the Mili Satin Petti-Skirt too – more than amazing! I never thought lace could be so soft. The Alexus Satin Teddy - wow, this thing's really damn hot! Again double-lined satin. The Nadia Lace Covered Satin Panties and Suspender Belt are hotter than a super nova! And all the stuff is so durable too. The Elena Satin Bra, Elena Long Satin Bloomers and Freida Satin Choker - incredible! Am I dreamin'? The Satin French Maid (long sleeves, high neck) a naughty naughty gal. The Satin Hobble Nanny, Spandex Seamed Stockings, Satin School Skirt, Satin Sabrina Bow Blouse and all the others… - this is taking it altogether on another level, isn't it?^^ Now I’m totally fired up for the Senzy Soft Satin Corset plus Teeny Waitress Panty, they will make the hottest pieces in my collection, I'm sure. And my wish list gets longer and longer and even longer…

Thanks sooooo much gals! Lovely greetings from Germany!