I just picked up my Trixie Dress and Delilah dreamy babydoll and I have to say that I am completely memorized and awe struck at my wondrous new items :). I put on Trixie and was just completely overwhelmed by the pink lace and frills. The absolute divine femminity I feel when i'm in it, simply cannot be described. I cannot wait to put my hair out in pigtails, do my makeup and nails and show off how absolutely amazing the dress is to my varies lady friends that know the sissy little girl i am :).

The quality is spectacular and I'm so thrilled to finally have a dress that doesn't look like it either came from a second hand store, or out of the back of my sister's closet :).

I have filled my wish-list already and will be working tirelessly to have the extra together for another dress :)

Many pink sloppy sissy kisses and snuggly hugs X

Lil Sissy Rachelle