Highly recommended!

To anyone considering your shop, let me share my story. First of all I did a lot of searching, and this place has the best dresses (and more) of ANY website I went to. Not withstanding I sent at least 10 e-mails asking for sizing/pricing help, and they always responded promptly and knowledgably (Special thanks to Nikki!). I ordered the Satin Pretty Baby Dress, the baby frilly sissy panties, and the bell cuffs.

It was a big purchase and a big decision, so I sent my measurements to make sure it would fit. When everything arrived, it was exactly how it looked on the site, well made, high quality, but then....the dress was too tight and the panties were baggy in the crotch! I assumed the company would just blow me off and I'd be stuck with few options. However, when I contacted you, you asked for me to send everything back.

The measurements checked out on both sides so I couldn't blame them. Then I asked what the up-charge was to alter it. Unfortunately, that wasn't possible without making an entire new set! Amazingly, they only billed me for materials AND made the dress shorter at no additional charge. Well, I got everything back and it's PERFECT. No American company I've dealt with in recent years would have gone through such lengths to make a customer happy, and the dress is stunning. You will not regret this experience. Highly recommended!

Andrew - U.S.A