Such a beautiful piece of clothing

I wanted to say firstly the more I wear my Satin Serving Maid dress the more impressed I am with it's quality. It is a credit to your staff to have created such a beautiful piece of clothing that fits so snuggly. Thank-you again for this exquisite treat to dress in. If you'll pardon my sharing, the lovely irony is that I enjoy it so much that I want to ration the thrill, and so at my invitation my beautiful wife and queen now makes me 'earn' the privilege of dressing in it through completing a range of 'tasks' - 5x cooking dinner, 5x washing the dishes, 5x an orgasm for her.

Of course once it is on and locked in place I have to again earn my release through further loving service on top of that - more cleaning, cooking and attention to her needs and desires. Its a win-win situation all round for a submissive sissy like me, and my darling Lucy certainly isn't complaining!

Secondly, thank-you for posting my earlier feedback on your website. It gives me a special thrill to know that my closet secret is now 'out there' on the web, albeit discretly.

Sissy Hubby Russell