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real quality, and value for money

real quality, and value for money

Over the last couple of months I've made several purchases from the Sissy Store, and I have to say your products are a delight. My sissy collection now has a very sissy dress "Annabel", which when worn with the net underskirt is beautiful to wear, I also bought several pairs of sissy knickers, "Mary", "LuLu", "Vanessa" and a pair of "Baby Sissy Frilly Pants", they are all an absolute dream, lovely soft satin with lots of gorgeous lace trimmings; I also bought a red "Renee" wig which finishes my sissy look wonderfully.

Having bought sissy clothes in the past from a different supplier I have to say that your products are real quality, and value for money too. When I dress in my new clothes I feel totally feminine, and very sissy indeed. Many thanks for a wonderful service and a delicious web-site; with your help my sissy dreams are coming true.

Fiona Sissy