Fantasy Dresses

Ailin Mistress Dress

$67.00 Sale $52.93
Save: 21%
A very cute party dress that can be dressed up and changed for different occasions. Great for a Mistress! Made in shiny pvc (or fake leathers) Ailin... more info

Air Hostess Mini Dress

$70.38 Sale $55.60
Save: 21%
What better traveling companion could there be than this? Made from gorgeous, super-shiny satin, this gorgeous air hostess mini dress features a high... more info

Alice in Wonderland Long Sissy Dress

$359.00 Sale $283.61
Save: 21%
When you wish upon a star, this has to be on every sissy girl's list! Our long Alice in Wonderland dress is a dreamy design featuring a stunning... more info

Andreia Mistress Dress

$69.93 Sale $55.24
Save: 21%
Our Andreia dress is perfect for any occasion! Made in a choice of shiny pvc or leatherette, she has a flattering scoop neck-line, and short sleeves.... more info

Annabel Sissy Dress

$139.00 Sale $109.81
Save: 21%
Pure innocence! Our wonderful satin sissy dress is for all of those virgins (or born-again virgins) who love the swish and thrill of satin dresses.... more info

Buttons PVC Hobble Dress

$136.52 Sale $107.85
Save: 21%
This dress exudes power and attention! Made in shiny PVC with a two-way stretch, this PVC full-length hobble dress with long sleeves is... more info

Coco Satin Retro Dress

$73.92 Sale $58.39
Save: 21%
Made in stunning shiny satin, Coco is our beautiful, figure-hugging dress that will be a hit wherever you wear her! Made to fit your curves to the... more info

Cosplay Waitress

If your a lover of Cosplay then this uniform is for you, or maybe you are looking for something different to wear at your next Fetish event? Made in... more info

Daniella Sissy Dress

$269.00 Sale $212.51
Save: 21%
Our Daniella Satin Sissy dress is just pure shiny, sissy heaven! Made from high quality shiny crepe satin, Daniella features cute, short 'puff'... more info

Dipsy Adult Baby Dress

$269.00 Sale $212.51
Save: 21%
So cute and adorable, your sissy girlfriends will be green with envy when you wear Dispy! She is made in soft, shiny satin and features a wide, stiff... more info

Diva Mini Dress

$111.50 Sale $88.09
Save: 21%
Dress to impress when you wear Diva! Diva is a sexy 1950's style fashion dress, perfect for any occasion! Diva is made in stunning shiny, soft, satin... more info

Domitila Mistress Dress

$57.36 Sale $45.32
Save: 21%
Domilita is made in shiny leatherette (also available in PVC), which has the look and feel of real leather, and super sexy soft-net. With a... more info

Dorothy Sissy Dress

$239.00 Sale $188.81
Save: 21%
Imagine yourself being forced-feminized in this pretty frilly outfit. Our Dorothy sissy dress is pure country-girl delight. She features a full skirt... more info

Elvira Spandex Dress

$69.00 Sale $54.51
Save: 21%
Elivra, our slinky and sexy form-fitting spandex long dress will captivate everyone! Made in stretchy spandex, Elvira has a high collar with a side... more info

Fanny Sissy Dress

$349.00 Sale $275.71
Save: 21%
Fanny is so very special and fit for a Princess! Fanny features a satin stand up collar that is trimmed in stunning pleated lace and with a large... more info

Felicia Sissy Dress

$419.00 Sale $331.01
Save: 21%
Our Felicia Sissy Dress is so sweet! A true sissy dream to wear! She is made in shiny satin and features a flattering square neck-line that is double... more info

Foxxie Shiny PVC Mistress Dress

$79.16 Sale $62.54
Save: 21%
Sometimes simple can be extremely sexy! Made in shiny PVC, with a halter-neck style top, Foxxie has PVC straps that tie at the rear of the neck. Plus... more info

Galina PVC Mini Dress

$86.45 Sale $68.29
Save: 21%
Soft, stretchy PVC sleeveless mini dress has a stand-up, satin mandarin collar and a zip at the rear to keep her in place. She also has metal rings... more info

Haylee PVC Mistress Dress

$95.17 Sale $75.18
Save: 21%
Haylee is made in shiny pvc, she features a stand up collar, with metal rings from the collar to the waist line at the front of the dress, which a... more info

Helena Plastic Dress

$59.00 Sale $46.61
Save: 21%
Made in our sexy SlipperyPlastic, Helena features a sexy V-shape neckline that has a satin bow at the center, and adjustable shoulder straps. A... more info

Holographic Matron Nurse Uniform

$72.49 Sale $57.27
Save: 21%
Our traditional retro style Nurse uniform is made in super shiny holographic fabric, and features a pretty collar and buttons down the front, to show... more info

Ingrid PVC Mistress Dress

$74.69 Sale $59.01
Save: 21%
Our sexy PVC sleeveless mini dress has a mandarin collar and an open back, laced with ribbons to keep her in place. She also has metal rings at the... more info

Janina Fashion Dress

$55.00 Sale $43.45
Save: 21%
Made in super sexy stretch spandex she features a low-crew neck line to show off your beautiful assets to the max! She has vest style shoulder straps... more info

Jessica Satin Long Prom Dress

$379.00 Sale $299.41
Save: 21%
Jessica Prom features lashings of lace and shiny satin to create a truly sensational over-the-top sissy dress! She features a high lace neck with a... more info

Jessica Sissy Dress

$289.00 Sale $228.31
Save: 21%
Jessica features lashings of lace and shiny satin to create a truly sensational over-the-top sissy dress! She features a high lace neck with a cute... more info

Josafina Leather Cocktail Dress

$79.00 Sale $62.41
Save: 21%
Josafina cocktail dress, is a vintage style that will never date. With a slash neckline, and 3/4 length sleeves, side zipper, it is form fitting with... more info

Kimi PVC Mini Dress

$80.58 Sale $63.66
Save: 21%
Made in shiny PVC, this cute little number will make eyes pop when you wear her. Kimi is made in shiny PVC and features a scooped neck-line that is... more info

Lola Cheeky Dress

$52.00 Sale $41.08
Save: 21%
Lola is made in a choice of Shiny LeatherLook, Leatherette, or Faux Leather material and will show that you mean business when you wear her. This... more info

Lucy Leatherette Spank Dress

$82.83 Sale $65.44
Save: 21%
There's no doubt you could be arrested for wearing this in public! But no problem, finding a gentleman to pay the fine will be easy! Figure-hugging,... more info

Marguerite Leatherette Dress

$73.44 Sale $58.02
Save: 21%
Marguerite is made in leatherette material and features a straight-across neckline, and has adjustable removable elasticated straps. This lovely mini... more info

Maxine PVC Mini Dress

$60.18 Sale $47.54
Save: 21%
Shine in style, in our amazing, sexy Maxine PVC Mini dress! She features an open back, with single ties. We recommend ordering this mini dress in... more info

Mireia Long Swishy Skirt

$51.48 Sale $40.67
Save: 21%
Mireia is such a beautiful sissy skirt! A skirt of gorgeous satin and with an overly of soft net, then an outer later again of soft satin to do... more info

Mistress Stern Mini Dress

$79.00 Sale $62.41
Save: 21%
Made in shiny PVC this sexy sultry figure hugging dress will show off your curves and make eyes pop. She features a short stand up collar, sleeveless... more info

Olivia Satin School Girl

$66.40 Sale $52.46
Save: 21%
You will always be Teacher's Pet in this cute uniform! The satin school uniform dress fits over any satin blouse (in the photos we show our Satin... more info

Ophelia Mistress Dress

$87.15 Sale $68.85
Save: 21%
Made in leatherette, Ophelia features a stand-up collar and a front zipper. She has long sleeves, super sexy figure hugging with a wonderful stretch... more info

PVC Air Hostess

$77.00 Sale $60.83
Save: 21%
Want to come fly with me? Yes please!!! This incredible PVC Air Hostess uniform is simply dazzling and will never fail to impress on any occasion!... more info

PVC Yari Mini Dress

$72.67 Sale $57.41
Save: 21%
Our soft, stretch, shony PVC sleeveless Yari mini dress has a stand-up mandarin collar. She also has a zip at the rear to keep her in place and also... more info

Satin Army Cadet Mini Dress

$57.00 Sale $45.03
Save: 21%
If only they had girls like this in the Army, everyone would want to sign-up! Made from gorgeous, super-shiny spandex-satin, this gorgeous Army Cadet... more info

Satin Bed Nurse

$63.10 Sale $49.85
Save: 21%
Our Satin Bed Nurse is made from gorgeous, shiny spandex-satin, this gorgeous nurse uniform features shoulder poppers. She has a small medical cross... more info

Satin Destiny Micro Cocktail Dress

$40.97 Sale $32.37
Save: 21%
Do you dare to wear? Now you too can look like 'pure stripper trash' in this sexy and slutty micro cocktail dress! Made from high quality shiny... more info

Satin Matron Nurse Uniform

$79.00 Sale $62.41
Save: 21%
Our traditional retro style Nurse uniform is made in super shiny satin, and features a pretty collar and buttons down the front, to show as much... more info

Satin Mini Dress

$55.48 Sale $43.83
Save: 21%
Made from gorgeous, super-shiny spandex-satin, this gorgeous mini dress features a high quality zipper. [hk-dresses] more info

Satin Navy Cadet Mini Dress

$68.63 Sale $54.22
Save: 21%
Going to sea was never so much fun! Made from gorgeous, super-shiny white spandex-satin, this gorgeous Navy Cadet mini dress features a high quality... more info

Satin Nun

$100.75 Sale $79.59
Save: 21%
Hallelujah! Holy Mary! Now this is really worth praying for! This high-quality, divine satin nun's costume is as sexy and naughty as it gets. This... more info

Satin Nurse Mini Dress

$61.99 Sale $48.97
Save: 21%
Wow! What a sexy hospital stunner she is! If you are feeling poorly, what better way to make a speedy recovery than to have this satin nurse take... more info

Satin Theatre Nurse

$69.00 Sale $54.51
Save: 21%
This gorgeous theatre nurse takes no nonsense! She knows what she wants and always gets it! She has a beautiful high collar neck in white satin,... more info

Scrumptious Holographic French Maid

$141.78 Sale $112.01
Save: 21%
Our Scrumptious Holographic French Maid uniform will sure to get hearts racing when you slip into her! Made in soft shiny stretchy holographic... more info

Serenity Sissy Dress

$253.98 Sale $200.64
Save: 21%
Serenity features lashings of glass-silk organdy, lace and shiny satin to create a truly amazing, over-the-top sissy dress! She features a high lace... more info

Sharleen Mini Dress

$69.00 Sale $54.51
Save: 21%
Made in shiny PVC (or fake leather) and with a wonderful stretch in the material to show off your body curves. She has a flattering heart shaped... more info

Shiny Siarah PVC Mistress Dress

$86.73 Sale $68.52
Save: 21%
Wow, what a hottie you will look in our Shiny Siarah Dominatrix dress! She features long arms and a curved neckline. She looks great with thigh boots... more info

Teresa Party Dress

$51.77 Sale $40.90
Save: 21%
Our two-tone dress that will never go out of fashion! Made in stretchy black Leatherette and a side-trim of spandex, she has a flattering square... more info

Vara PVC Micro Dress

$87.68 Sale $69.27
Save: 21%
Ever so sexy and ever so sultry, jaws will drop, and eyes will pop when you slip into this naughty tight number! Made in kinky shiny pvc, she... more info

Varvara Leatherette Dress

$94.06 Sale $74.31
Save: 21%
Ever so sexy and ever so sultry, jaws will drop, and eyes will pop when you slip into this naughty tight number! Made in kinky leatherette, she... more info

Zanelle Leatherette Dress

$65.28 Sale $51.57
Save: 21%
Zanelle is our sexy dress that has class and elegance. Made in high quality leatherette or faux leather, with a wonderful stretch to the material,... more info

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BabyGirl Necklace (LARGE size)

BabyGirl Necklace (LARGE size)

$21.00  $17.85Sale $16.59
Save: 21%
Brat Necklace (LARGE size)

Brat Necklace (LARGE size)

$19.38  $16.47Sale $15.31
Save: 21%
BimboDolly Necklace (LARGE size)

BimboDolly Necklace (LARGE size)

$23.46  $19.94Sale $18.53
Save: 21%