Adult Baby

Izzy Satin and Lace Panties

$56.15 Sale $44.36
Save: 21%
So adorable and so cute, the perfect diaper cover panties! Made especially to cover a diaper, made in beautiful soft shiny satin, with an elasticated... more info

Jamina Plastic Suspender Belt

$34.00 Sale $26.86
Save: 21%
Such a sweet, plastic suspender belt! Jamina is a must for every plastic lover! Made in fabulous slippery see-through plastic, and featuring an... more info

Jassie AB Sissy Bloomers

$73.92 Sale $58.39
Save: 21%
Our Jassie glass-silk bloomers are spectacular! With an elasticated waist that is trimmed in dainty lace and with hanging satin bow at the center.... more info

Jessica Luxury Petticoat

$110.91 Sale $87.62
Save: 21%
Our Jessica petticoat features an elasticated waist for a comfortable fit. She is layered with net and luxurious shiny glass silk, which every layer... more info

Jessica Sissy Dress

$289.00 Sale $228.31
Save: 21%
Jessica features lashings of lace and shiny satin to create a truly sensational over-the-top sissy dress! She features a high lace neck with a cute... more info

Jessica Suspenders

$61.99 Sale $48.97
Save: 21%
Our lovely sissy Jessica suspender belt was made to match the Jessica range, looks wonderful when you are wearing the full set, but looks just as... more info

Jessie Luxury Plastic Panties

$36.40 Sale $28.76
Save: 21%
Our adorable Jessie diaper covers are made with shiny PVC (or SlipperyPlastic) and feature nice 6 inch sides! They have elasticated waist and leg... more info

Jessy BigBows Sissy Panties

$46.33 Sale $36.60
Save: 21%
Jessy BigBows are our sweet sissy panties that will take your breath away! This special edition of our very popular Jessy Panties feature extra Big... more info

Jessy Sissy Panties

$43.02 Sale $33.99
Save: 21%
Jessy are our sweet sissy panties that will take your breath away! A perfect panty to wear over a diaper or even worn on their own under your... more info

Kaci Plastic Bib

$26.48 Sale $20.92
Save: 21%
Made in out super slippery shiny plastic, with ties around the neck and middle of the bib so that it stays put. With a wide plastic pleated trim. A... more info

Kacie AB Playsuit

$86.73 Sale $68.52
Save: 21%
Made in shiny PVC, Kacie features a bib style front, so can be worn on it's own or with your favorite top? She has satin straps that tie around the... more info

Kandi Satin and PVC Romper

$83.12 Sale $65.66
Save: 21%
The perfect romper for a sissy sleep over! The top half of the romper is made in beautiful shiny satin and features: An elasticated neck and a cute... more info

Kikki Satin and Lace Panties

$56.61 Sale $44.72
Save: 21%
So adorable and cute, no diaper lover is going to resist slipping into these ruffle diaper cover panties! The panty is double-lined in satin - get... more info

Kinkzie Sissy Panties

$46.98 Sale $37.12
Save: 21%
An over-sized sissy pantie that will take your breath away! A perfect size and shape to wear over a diaper or even worn on their own under your... more info

Kinkzie Sissy Plastic Panties

$48.54 Sale $38.34
Save: 21%
NEW SHAPES! This panty is shown here above in our standard Full Cut standard design, but is now also available in many beautiful different cuts! ... more info

Kiss Sissy Foam Panties

$53.58 Sale $42.33
Save: 21%
No sweet sissy girl or boy should be without these! Made in shiny satin, these Kiss Foam Sissy panties feature a wide elasticated waistband, vertical... more info

Kookie AB Diaper Covers

$48.08 Sale $37.98
Save: 21%
Our Kookie Adult Baby Diaper covers are so cute, made in soft see-through glass-silk material so that your able to see your diaper which makes them... more info

Kuli Chiffon Baby Dolly

$53.58 Sale $42.33
Save: 21%
Kuli is made in swishy chiffon, and features a gorgeous shaped neckline that has a wide pleated chiffon frill which carries over the shoulders and to... more info

Large Adult Baby Bonnet

$35.04 Sale $27.68
Save: 21%
Every adult baby needs her bonnet, and ours is so sweet and lovely. Made with lovely satin and lace, and a lovely long ribbon to tie under your neck.... more info

Large Wissie Plastic Bib

$38.87 Sale $30.71
Save: 21%
This amazing over-sized SlipperyPlastic bib features a small plastic frill at the neck, and satin ties at the neck and chest area to hold the bib in... more info

Leather Adult Baby Harness

$137.84 Sale $108.89
Save: 21%
Our beautiful, hand-made leather harness features a leather waist-belt that has large D-rings on each end. Her shoulder straps are looped and studded... more info

Leather Diaper Harness

$84.55 Sale $66.80
Save: 21%
The perfect bondage harness for your naughty nappied sissy! Our very own creation and design, made in house for AB girls and boys. The diaper harness... more info

Leather Lockable Adult Baby Reins

$125.02 Sale $98.77
Save: 21%
Highest quality strong Adult Baby reins, designed and made in-house by us for adult babies who need firm control. This beautiful leather harness... more info

Leather Lockable Sissy Reins

$153.34 Sale $121.13
Save: 21%
Highest quality strong Sissy reins, designed and made in-house by us for sissy girls and boys who need firm control. This beautiful leather harness... more info

Libby Luxury Plastic Panties

$47.43 Sale $37.47
Save: 21%
Libby is a real treasure for your sissy adult baby wardrobe! Made in a choice of shiny PVC or SlipperyPlastic, they feature an elasticated waist,... more info

Lissie Crop Top

$34.96 Sale $27.62
Save: 21%
Lissi is made in shiny satin and features a scoop neckline that is trimmed in an optional satin colour of your choice. She has short sleeves with a... more info

Lockable Bondage Mitts

$77.00 Sale $60.83
Save: 21%
Our beautiful satin Baby mittens with lockable cuffs and bells attached. They are made in satin and featuring a streamlined design that hugs your... more info

Lockable Elbow Mitts

$84.00 Sale $66.36
Save: 21%
Our beautiful sissy Lockable ABDL Elbow Mitts are made in satin and features a streamlined design that hugs your arms and fist, with two layers of... more info

Lockable Long Arm Mitts

$139.00 Sale $109.81
Save: 21%
Our beautiful sissy Lockable ABDL Arm Mitts are made in satin and features a streamlined design that hugs your arms and fist, with two layers of... more info

Lockable Punishment Panties

$56.75 Sale $44.84
Save: 21%
Our adorable Lockable Punishment Panties are designed to be worn over diapers, with a strong strap in the waistband and leg openings to make removal... more info

Long Plastic and Satin Bloomers

$64.00 Sale $50.56
Save: 21%
Beautiful kinky, long SlipperyPlastic bloomers with satin lining! They are at below knee length, edged in beautiful lace. The waist is elasticated,... more info

Luxury AB Flapsies Panties

$37.51 Sale $29.63
Save: 21%
Made in shiny PVC and lined in shiny soft satin, which gives a totally different feel against your bare skin. Our PVC Flappies panties feature an... more info

Luxury AB Ripples Panties

$43.02 Sale $33.99
Save: 21%
Made with in shiny PVC on one side, and soft sensual satin on the other, our Luxury Ripples AB panties feature an elasticated waist that also have a... more info

Luxury Adult Baby Full Body Playsuit

$161.61 Sale $127.67
Save: 21%
This stunning playsuit is every adult babies dream to wear! Made in beautiful soft shiny satin the playsuit has so much dreamy detail. It has a cute... more info

Mary Panties

$34.92 Sale $27.59
Save: 21%
So cute and adorable, a total sissy delight in a pair of panties! Made in high quality shiny satin that is soft and sexy to the touch, also lined in... more info

Mary-Anne Baby Dress

$438.04 Sale $346.05
Save: 21%
Our pretty Mary-Anne Baby Dress is adorable, and with so much luxury detail! She features a high satin collar with wide chiffon frills around the... more info

Meekie Baby Bonnet

$67.16 Sale $53.06
Save: 21%
Our stunning Meekie over-sized baby bonnet is cuteness personified, how can you resist! Made from soft shiny satin, it has layers of pleated satin... more info

Meekie Baby Playsuit

$96.00 Sale $75.84
Save: 21%
Meekie adult baby romper and bonnet All in one adult baby outfit with so much detail she will make you go ga-ga! Made in stunning soft shiny satin,... more info

Melissa Glass-Silk Suspender Belt

$45.90 Sale $36.26
Save: 21%
Gosh, Melissa is such a prissy shiny suspender belt! Melissa ffeatures an elasticated waist with lace trim with a satin front panel covered with... more info

Melissa Super-Shiny Sissy Panties

$45.00 Sale $35.55
Save: 21%
These panties are just INCREDIBLE!!! The front panel and the gusset is of course made in our finest satin, but overlaid in a pearliest very shiny... more info

Mila Plastic Dolly Dress

$119.77 Sale $94.62
Save: 21%
Mila is made in our shiny SlipperyPlastic material and features a satin Peter Pan collar that is trimmed with dainty lace. She has a full baby-doll... more info

Mimi Lace-trim soft Satin Panties

$40.00 Sale $31.60
Save: 21%
These super satin panties are just so cute, double lined with satin so what you see and feel on the outside you also feel the shiny satin that every... more info

Mimi Satin Sissy Dress

$179.00 Sale $141.41
Save: 21%
Satin 'n' Lace! This pretty party dress which features a ruffled-cap sleeve all edged in lace trim. The neckline has a beautiful center rosette and... more info

Mini Sissy Bib

$38.87 Sale $30.71
Save: 21%
Made in shiny satin, our pretty Mini Sissy Bib features a high stand-up collar which is held in place at the rear with press-studs. It comes with two... more info

Minkie Panties

$45.76 Sale $36.15
Save: 21%
Minkie is a gorgeous full pantie made in beautiful soft shiny satin (or a choice of stunning, semi-see-through glass-silk). With an elasticated waist... more info

Miss Pansy Plastic Puff

$162.18 Sale $128.12
Save: 21%
Made in our beautiful SlipperyPlastic, Miss Pansy Plastic Puff features, an extra large collar with a huge hanging plastic bow at the center. She has... more info

Miss Prissy Pansy Puff

$209.00 Sale $165.11
Save: 21%
Made in beautiful shiny soft satin, Miss Pansy Puff features: A net petticoat that is cut high on the chest which is elasticated and covered in satin... more info

Miss Shiny Baby Doll

$74.00 Sale $58.46
Save: 21%
Miss shiny is so adorably cute, she features a large satin flat collar that is trimmed in dainty lace. She is made in shiny soft organdy glass silk... more info

Miss SissyGirl

$87.19 Sale $68.88
Save: 21%
You will have so much fun wearing our cute sissy dress. Made in shiny satin, Miss SissyGirl features a very pretty neckline, her short sleeves (which... more info

Nanny Pinafore

$35.57 Sale $28.10
Save: 21%
A gorgeous huge glass-silk or SlipperyPlastic pinafore with large lace edging - the perfect accessory for any nanny! The generous cut allows a... more info

Pamela glass-silk Sissy Panties

$42.13 Sale $33.28
Save: 21%
These super-shiny, glass-silk panties feature a sexy tie-front, and the legs and waist are trimmed with pretty lace. They are in a balloon style so... more info

Pansie Playsuit

$90.78 Sale $71.72
Save: 21%
Our adult baby Pansie Playsuit is so cute! Made from high quality shiny soft satin, the bib front has three pretty fixed bows at the front, starting... more info

Passion PVC Panties with Zip&Clips

$42.00 Sale $33.18
Save: 21%
These delightful Passion PVC panties are double-sided in PVC so you get that extra naughty, slippery feeling against your skin when your wearing them... more info

Passion Satin Panties with Zip&Clips

$42.00 Sale $33.18
Save: 21%
These delightful Passion satin panties are double-sided in satin so you get that extra naughty, slippery feeling against your skin when your wearing... more info

Penelope Sissy Panties

$52.00 Sale $41.08
Save: 21%
Multi-layered frilly satin and lace sissy panties with cute front bow! Like all our panties these to are double-lined in satin - why have all that... more info

Pixie Sissy Panties

$47.74 Sale $37.71
Save: 21%
Pixie features gorgeous front and rear ties, trimmed either side in sweet lace. Made from lovely see-through chiffon, Pixie look so sweet and... more info

Plastic Big Bow Panties

$27.58 Sale $21.79
Save: 21%
Made in our see-thru gorgeous slippery plastic, our Big Bow Panties feature an elasticated waist and leg openings, and have a large plastic hanging... more info

Plastic Dolly

$119.00 Sale $94.01
Save: 21%
So adorable and so feminine! You will love the look and feel of this gorgeous luxury babydoll! The cut of the babydoll is A-Line from above the bust,... more info

Plastic Frillies Panties with Bow

$41.92 Sale $33.12
Save: 21%
If you have never thought of wearing plastic? Then now is the time! It feels so soft and slippery and sensual to the touch, and against your bare... more info

Plastic Hunny Bloomers

$52.95 Sale $41.83
Save: 21%
Our Plastic Hunny bloomers feature an elasticated waist and leg openings, with a lace trim at the waist and satin bow at the center. At the hem of... more info



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bimbo Necklace

bimbo Necklace

$30.10  $25.58Sale $23.78
Save: 21%
C**k Sucking Slut Tag

C**k Sucking Slut Tag

$24.32  $20.67Sale $19.21
Save: 21%
Slut Tag

Slut Tag

$24.08  $20.47Sale $19.02
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