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Sissy Dresses

Reysha Satin Sissy Dress

$275.34 Sale $223.03
Save: 19%
Reysha is made in shiny satin and features a stand-up collar with an overlay of lace, and two satin bows at the center of the chest area. She has... more info

Sasha Sweet Sissy Dress

$436.56 Sale $353.61
Save: 19%
Bring out the cute sissy pageant girl in you with, our Sasha Sweet Sissy Dress! She features a square flattering neckline that is made from shiny... more info

Sasi Cami and Bloomers Set

$53.92 Sale $43.68
Save: 19%
Sasi is our lovely shiny two-piece set, and made in gorgeous shiny satin and features, satin tie shoulder straps, beautifully shaped bust-line that... more info

Sassie French Maid Uniform

$148.92 Sale $120.63
Save: 19%
Sassie is made in shiny satin and features a Peter Pan collar that is trimmed in dainty lace. Short puff-ball sleeves that are elasticated with a... more info

Satin Adult Baby Romper

$98.97 Sale $80.17
Save: 19%
Ahhhhhh, so dreamy and sweet and time for bed. The so-sweet, one-piece body romper suit is delicately trimmed with lace and ribbons. Our gorgeous... more info

Satin Baby Bows Dress

$149.00 Sale $120.69
Save: 19%
Our sweet 'Baby Bows' sissy dress features a pretty collar, with two pretty bows over the chest. The high, elasticated waist-line is covered with a... more info

Satin Fairy Dress

$248.23 Sale $201.07
Save: 19%
Pure sissy fairy heaven! You are going to LOVE wearing the Satin Fairy dress. Made from the finest, most shiniest satin, and overlaid in our Japanese... more info

Satin Pretty Sissy Baby Dress

$173.75 Sale $140.74
Save: 19%
A pure swishy satin baby dress for the purest of sissy girls. Made with beautiful shiny satin and elegant lace, our Sissy Baby Dress is absolutely... more info

Satin Puff Baby Dress

$216.10 Sale $175.04
Save: 19%
Our sweet Puff Baby Dress, has so much detail, you are going to adore wearing her time and time again! Made from high quality shiny satin, she... more info

Satin Sleepy Gurl

$92.00 Sale $74.52
Save: 19%
You will always have sweet dreams when you slip into this stunning creation. Made in soft shiny satin this AB nightie has an elasticated neck opening... more info

Serenity Sissy Dress

$253.98 Sale $205.72
Save: 19%
Serenity features lashings of glass-silk organdy, lace and shiny satin to create a truly amazing, over-the-top sissy dress! She features a high lace... more info

Shelly-Ann Sissy Dress

$184.65 Sale $149.57
Save: 19%
Shelly-Ann is made in shiny satin and features a beautiful Peter Pan collar that is trimmed with lace, with short-puff elasticated sleeves with... more info

Sherri Plastic French Maid

$120.24 Sale $97.40
Save: 19%
Our cheeky Sherri Plastic and satin French maid will set pulses racing! Made in shiny SlipperyPlastic over a layer of satin and features a bolero... more info

Shimmering Pansy Sissy Dress

$304.98 Sale $247.03
Save: 19%
She is fit for a little princess, with breath-taking elegance and style! As soon as you slip her on, you will be twirling and swishing your... more info

Shiny Mary Jane Shoes

$95.91 Sale $77.69
Save: 19%
Hand-made in shiny patent PU, to a high standard, with a shiny flat sole. They feature a comfortable, soft, real-leather inner sole and pretty... more info

Sissy Baby Bunting

$437.24 Sale $354.16
Save: 19%
This is one of our TOP-OF-THE-LINE EXTREME OUTFITS! The quality and attention to detail will amaze you! No crying for baby Bunting in this cute... more info

Sissy Big Bow Hood

$17.65 Sale $14.30
Save: 19%
How sweet and submissive you will look and act when you wear this naughty hood. Made in stretchy spandex, with an open eye and nose area but with a... more info

Sissy Bridesmaid

$136.52 Sale $110.58
Save: 19%
So cute and adorable, you will feel totally sissified when you wear our Sissy Bridesmaid dress! Made in soft shiny satin, she has a jewel shape neck... more info

Sissy Choker

$32.28 Sale $26.15
Save: 19%
Our sissy choker is made from glass-silk with a rear-tie. A wonderful choker for any prissy girl. One size fits all. Available in various colours. more info

Sissy Cristina

$319.77 Sale $259.01
Save: 19%
Our Sissy Christina dress is a sissy girls delight, made from beautiful crepe satin that is so soft to the touch. Christina features a flattering... more info

Sissy Gwendoline

$246.76 Sale $199.87
Save: 19%
Our lovely Gwendoline sissy dress are what sissy dreams are made of. Made in beautiful soft shiny satin, she has a Peter Pan collar, with three large... more info

Sissy Long Socks

$24.16 Sale $19.57
Save: 19%
What better to compliment your sweet uniform or dress than a pair of classic over-the-knee sissy socks? Made in spandex in a choice of white, black,... more info

Sissy Pinny-Skirt

$86.32 Sale $69.92
Save: 19%
Have lots of fun wearing this naughty Sissy Pinny-Skirt whilst doing your chores and teasing whilst doing them! Made in shiny soft satin, and also... more info

Sookie Sissy

$92.00 Sale $74.52
Save: 19%
Sookie Sissy is so eye catching and flirtatious, you will adore this cute little number when you wear it. She is a one-piece design, that features a... more info

Stripes Satin French Maid Uniform

$113.58 Sale $92.00
Save: 19%
An amazing and ultra-sexy Stripes satin French Maid uniform! Made from the highest quality super-shiny crepe stripes satin, with an elasticated waist... more info

Supreme Holographic Sissy Maid

$134.48 Sale $108.93
Save: 19%
So naughty but oh so nice! Our Supreme Holographic Sissy Maid is made in glorious shiny holographic fabric and features an elasticated neck opening... more info

Supreme PVC Sissy Maid

$118.17 Sale $95.72
Save: 19%
So naughty but oh so nice! Our Supreme Sissy Maid is made in glorious shiny PVC and features an elasticated neck opening which makes her easy to slip... more info

Sweet Angelica

$287.64 Sale $232.99
Save: 19%
Sweet Angelica is a dream to wear! So soft and floating, she will have you prancing in front of the mirror for hours! Angelica features a flattering... more info

Sweet Candela Sissy Dress

$304.84 Sale $246.92
Save: 19%
Made in shiny satin, Sweet Candela features: a cute flattering V shape neckline that is trimmed in pleated satin, and with a satin hanging bow at the... more info

Sweet Gingham Prissy Maid

$174.42 Sale $141.28
Save: 19%
Made in SlipperyPlastic with a gingham or satin under-lining, she features a large Peter-Pan collar that is trimmed in dainty lace, with a satin... more info

Sweet Rose Sissy Dress

$263.82 Sale $213.69
Save: 19%
Sweet Rose has a satin, figure-hugging bodice, with her breast area featuring layers of sewn in pleats, and a large hand-made rose in the center. Her... more info

Sweetness Ballerina

$100.52 Sale $81.42
Save: 19%
Feel and look like a sissy Princess when you wear our Sweetness Ballerina sissy dress. Sweetness has a gypsy style top which is in shiny satin... more info

Talita Baby Doll

$47.43 Sale $38.42
Save: 19%
Our Talita baby doll is, sweet, soft and feminine! She is made in semi-see thru gorgeous Chiffon. With a flattering neck-line that is pleated and... more info

Tazziana Satin French Maid

$172.30 Sale $139.56
Save: 19%
Made in shiny soft satin she features a flattering neck-line that is trimmed in pleated lace. With stunning puff ball sleeves that are elasticated... more info


$251.09 Sale $203.39
Save: 19%
Thumbelina is our beautiful fairy-tale dress that will make you feel like a sweet princess. Made from high-quality shiny satin, she features a... more info

Trixie Sissy Dress with Petticoat

$354.82 Sale $287.40
Save: 19%
Trixie features lashings of lace and shiny satin to create a truly sensational over-the-top sissy dress! She features a high lace neck with a cute... more info

Twinkle 2-piece Satin French Maid

$135.53 Sale $109.78
Save: 19%
Twinkle is made in shiny satin and features a halter-neck style bra top, with satin laces that tie around the neck and back to hold her in place. It... more info

Veronica Sissy Maid Dress

$209.07 Sale $169.35
Save: 19%
Veronica is the sissy maid uniform you love to serve in! Made in shiny satin and features, a stand up high collar, that is trimmed in lace and with a... more info

Virgin Bride

$436.58 Sale $353.63
Save: 19%
Our pure virgin fantasy wedding dress! Every girls dream and fantasy is to be the perfect bride, and our virgin wedding dress will fulfill that! She... more info

Vittoria French Maid

$156.54 Sale $126.80
Save: 19%
Vittoria features an oversize collar that is trimmed in lace, long loose fitting sleeves trimmed with lace and a satin cute bow on the cuff. The... more info

Zizzie Plastic Sissy Skirt

$48.54 Sale $39.32
Save: 19%
Zizzie is made in SlipperyPlastic material over a satin base, and elasticated at the waist. She has the cutest short skirt that has a double layer of... more info

Zizzie Sissy Skirt

$39.01 Sale $31.60
Save: 19%
Zizzie is made in soft-net material, elasticated at the waist which is covered in shiny satin. She has the cutest short skirt that has a double layer... more info