Adult Baby Full Body Romper

Sale $108.07
Save: 17%
There is nothing so comforting to a little one than a full body onesie, and ours gives you just that, with of course a little kink thrown in! Made in... more info

Ailin PVC Mistress Dress

Sale $51.42
Save: 17%
A very cute party dress that can be dressed up and changed for different occasions. Great for a Mistress! Made in shiny pvc and features, a scoop... more info

Alice-in-Wonderland Long PVC Dress

Sale $273.61
Save: 17%
Our long sissy version of the Alice in Wonderland features a stunning fold-down collar that is trimmed in lace, and has a fixed cute bow at the... more info

Alice-in-Wonderland Short PVC Dress

Sale $200.40
Save: 17%
Our short PVC version of the Alice in Wonderland features a stunning fold-down satin collar that is trimmed in lace, and has a fixed cute bow at the... more info

Andreia Mistress Dress

Sale $53.12
Save: 17%
Our Andreia dress is perfect for any occasion! Made in a choice of shiny pvc or leatherette, she has a flattering scoop neck-line, and short sleeves.... more info

Angelina PVC Mistress Dress

Sale $79.86
Save: 17%
Angelina is so hot and sassy! Wearing her will get you noticed for all the right reasons. Made in the very best quality high shine PVC, Angelina... more info

Annabella PVC Suspender Belt

Sale $33.99
Save: 17%
This amazing PVC wide suspender belt features an elasticated waist, which makes makes for a perfect fit and very easy to slip in and out of! A... more info

Antonia Dominatrix Suspender Belt

Sale $40.67
Save: 17%
Antonia is our under-bust, corset-style suspenders made in leatherette material, features a full length zipper at the rear, four elasticated... more info

Arabella French Maid

Sale $82.17
Save: 17%
Wearing our Arabella French maid uniform will certainly give you pleasure when doing your maid's chores. Made in shiny PVC and features a scoop... more info

Ares under-bust PVC Suspender

Sale $43.16
Save: 17%
Ares is our lovely under-bust, long-line corset-style suspender belt made in shiny PVC and featuring an elasticated waist and vertical satin piping... more info

Aria PVC Bra Top

Sale $32.17
Save: 17%
So sensual and seductive, our Aria PVC bra top will get you all the attention you want and more! Aria features a flattering plunge line, to show off... more info

Arina PVC side-panel Mini Skirt

Sale $32.37
Save: 17%
Our Arina miniskirt, made from our shiniest PVC, is a sex-sensation! Made from our supple and super-shiny PVC and features a wide waist-band with 2... more info

Babygirly PVC Lingerie Set

Sale $68.89
Save: 17%
Our Babygirly sissy lingerie set is made in shiny PVC and features a halterneck style bra with a double lace trim at the top of the cups, satin laces... more info

Buttons PVC Hobble Dress

Sale $103.71
Save: 17%
This dress exudes power and attention! Made in shiny PVC with a two-way stretch, this PVC full-length hobble dress with long sleeves is... more info

Charleen PVC Camislip

Sale $71.38
Save: 17%
Our stunning Charleen Cami slip is made in soft shiny PVC (or SlipperyPlastic) and dazzles to impress! Her adjustable satin shoulder straps make for... more info

ChiChi PVC Bloomers

Sale $44.84
Save: 17%
Wearing our ChiChi PVC Bloomers will bring out the true sissy in you! Imagine being instructed to wear them by your Dominant. They are perfect for an... more info

Cinderella PVC Panties with Bow

Sale $32.94
Save: 17%
These delightful PVC panties are double-sided with a choice of satin or PVC so what you see and feel on the outside you feel on the inside, so you... more info

Cleo Bodysuit

Sale $73.87
Save: 17%
Cleo is made in our shiny PVC material (or a choice of soft, shiny leatherlook) and features a scoop neckline, with a peephole at the rear and a... more info

Cosplay PVC Sailor Girl Skirt

Sale $49.92
Save: 17%
Our Cosplay PVC Sailor Girl Skirt is made from high quality shiny black PVC. She features a side zip and a clasp on the waistband. She has beautiful... more info

Dasha PVC Suspender Belt

Sale $49.91
Save: 17%
A must for every PVC lover and a wonderful asset to your PVC collection. Made in shiny PVC she features an elasticated waist which is trimmed in lace... more info

Diaper Diddums PVC AB panties

Sale $39.35
Save: 17%
Our Diaper diddums Adult Baby panties are so cute in shiny PVC, and made especially to cover a diaper/nappy. She features an elasticated waist band,... more info

Domme PVC skirt

Sale $61.42
Save: 17%
Domme is a very sexy shiny PVC knee length pencil skirt that will make a wow impact wherever you choose to wear her! A Fetish club, a stern Mistress... more info

Donnatella PVC Blouse

Sale $60.40
Save: 17%
Our sexy short-sleeved blouse, Donnatella will match anything you team her up with, be it a fetish look, or a sexy night out on the town! Donnatella... more info

Ebonee Boned Frilly Corset

Sale $82.17
Save: 17%
Ebonee is a classic under-bust corset, nestling just under the bust giving a sculpted, hourglass figure. She is traditionally made with authentic... more info

Elena PVC Bra

Sale $29.28
Save: 17%
Our Elena bra is made in shiny PVC material and features a lace trim at the top and a satin bow at the center. She has adjustable shoulder straps and... more info

Eva PVC Long Pleated Skirt

Sale $68.85
Save: 17%
Eva is made from the best quality PVC, with a side zip, and two strong popper studs on the waistband to keep her in place. She is beautifully... more info

Evie PVC Zipper Top

Sale $44.82
Save: 17%
Made in shiny PVC, Evie features a front zipper. Evie has elasticated adjustable shoulder straps which make for a perfect fit, and she also has... more info

Fingerless short PVC Gloves

Sale $22.65
Save: 17%
Made in the glossiest PVC, these short, fingerless PVC gloves will be an asset to your PVC outfit. Elasticated at the wrist for a perfect fit. You... more info

Foxxie Shiny PVC Mistress Dress

Sale $60.13
Save: 17%
Sometimes simple can be extremely sexy! Made in shiny PVC, with a halter-neck style top, Foxxie has PVC straps that tie at the rear of the neck. Plus... more info

Full Body Sleep Sack

Sale $278.01
Save: 17%
An amazing full body sleep-sack for all extreme PVC lovers! Made in shiny PVC, our full body bag features a high neck with a double-ended full length... more info

Gabriela PVC Micro Skirt

Sale $33.99
Save: 17%
Our Gabriela wavy style micro skirt is made from the very best quality PVC, so soft to the touch, and so shiny! You will be amazed how good she feels... more info

Galina PVC Mini Dress

Sale $65.67
Save: 17%
Soft, stretchy PVC sleeveless mini dress has a stand-up, satin mandarin collar and a zip at the rear to keep her in place. She also has metal rings... more info

Ginette PVC Trousers (zip)

Sale $51.42
Save: 17%
Sexy, skin tight pvc trousers. They are jaw-droppingly hot and show off your body to perfection. They sit high on the waist, and have a front zipper... more info

Greta 4-clip Waspie Belt

Sale $34.86
Save: 17%
Greta is made in shiny PVC and features an elasticated waist and a rear zipper. Beautifully shaped, she comes with four short elasticated suspender... more info

Havana PVC Blouse

Sale $57.65
Save: 17%
Havana is made in stunning shiny PVC, and she will be a huge asset to your wardrobe. She is cut to a traditional style shirt, so perfect to wear... more info

Haylee PVC Mistress Dress

Sale $72.29
Save: 17%
Haylee is made in shiny pvc, she features a stand up collar, with metal rings from the collar to the waist line at the front of the dress, which a... more info

Huge PVC Hair Bow

Sale $28.54
Save: 17%
You will sure to stand out wearing our Huge PVC Hairbow bow, made in shiny PVC. The bow is double lined in PVC and with a netting lining to keep the... more info

Hyari PVC Bodysuit

Sale $78.85
Save: 17%
Show you mean business whilst you crack the whip in this shiny PVC two-piece outfit! Made in shiny PVC, Hyari features a sleeveless, hotpant-style... more info

Ingrid PVC Mistress Dress

Sale $56.74
Save: 17%
Our sexy PVC sleeveless mini dress has a mandarin collar and an open back, laced with ribbons to keep her in place. She also has metal rings at the... more info

Janetti PVC Bodysuit

Sale $79.68
Save: 17%
Made in shiny PVC, this sexy bodysuit will be a hit at any Fetish function! With a deep flattering bust line, figure hugging and cut high on the hips... more info

Jany PVC Hotpants

Sale $27.02
Save: 17%
Our Jany PVC Hotpants are high-cut on the leg, which gives your body a more leaner look. Beautifully cut at the back to show off your butt! A zip at... more info

Jessie Luxury Plastic Panties

Sale $28.76
Save: 17%
Our adorable Jessie diaper covers are made with shiny PVC (or SlipperyPlastic) and feature nice 6 inch sides! They have elasticated waist and leg... more info

Jina PVC French Maid

Sale $162.97
Save: 17%
A gorgeous kinky French Maids uniform that will give hours of pleasure! Made in shiny PVC, she features a heart-shape neckline, that is lightly... more info

Joy PVC Crop Top

Sale $32.03
Save: 17%
Stylish and sexy looking, for a night on the town or team her with your favourite fetish outfit. Our Joy Crop Top is made in shiny PVC with a... more info

Kacie AB Playsuit

Sale $65.89
Save: 17%
Made in shiny PVC, Kacie features a bib style front, so can be worn on it's own or with your favorite top? She has satin straps that tie around the... more info

Karina PVC Bodysuit

Sale $60.13
Save: 17%
For all PVC lovers, this outfit can be worn in play, on the Fetish Scene, and worn by a strict Dominatrix to control her subs! Made in shiny PVC, the... more info

Karla PVC Top

Sale $65.94
Save: 17%
Our Karla shiny PVC vest top will be a real asset to your wardrobe, not only will it look incredibly sexy with your Fetish clothing but also with... more info

Keila French Maid

Sale $147.28
Save: 17%
Keila is made in shiny PVC (also available in satin and plastic) and features a V-shaped neckline that is trimmed with wide pleated patterned lace,... more info

Kimi PVC Mini Dress

Sale $67.11
Save: 17%
Made in shiny PVC, this cute little number will make eyes pop when you wear her. Kimi is made in shiny PVC and features a scooped neck-line that is... more info

Knee Ruffle Bloomers

Sale $50.63
Save: 17%
Our stunning Long (knee-length) Ruffle Bloomers are made in shiny wet look PVC, or SlipperyPlastic or leatherette that look amazing and feels so soft... more info

Large PVC Maids Pinafore

Sale $23.80
Save: 17%
A gorgeous huge PVC maid's pinafore! With gorgeous lace trimming. The over-generous ties allow a gorgeous bow to be tied at the rear. One size fits... more info

Libby Luxury Plastic Panties

Sale $37.47
Save: 17%
Libby is a real treasure for your sissy adult baby wardrobe! Made in a choice of shiny PVC or SlipperyPlastic, they feature an elasticated waist,... more info

Lockable Punishment Panties

Sale $44.84
Save: 17%
Our adorable Lockable Punishment Panties are designed to be worn over diapers, with a strong strap in the waistband and leg openings to make removal... more info

Long PVC Bloomers

Sale $59.00
Save: 17%
Beautiful kinky, long PVC bloomers! They are at below knee length, edged in beautiful lace. The waist is elasticated, and the hems are also... more info

Long PVC Opera Gloves

Sale $37.12
Save: 17%
Our sexy, long, black opera gloves are made of high quality PVC. They are elasticated at the opening so they will stay put. These gloves are a... more info

Luxury AB Flapsies Panties

Sale $29.63
Save: 17%
Made in shiny PVC and lined in shiny soft satin, which gives a totally different feel against your bare skin. Our PVC Flappies panties feature an... more info

Luxury AB Ripples Panties

Sale $33.99
Save: 17%
Made with in shiny PVC on one side, and soft sensual satin on the other, our Luxury Ripples AB panties feature an elasticated waist that also have a... more info

Luxury Collarless PVC Catsuit

Sale $113.25
Save: 17%
A very sexy shiny PVC catsuit, designed to hug your body and mould your curves into an irresistible delight for the eyes! She features a collarless... more info

Luxury Harlot PVC Catsuit

Sale $93.79
Save: 17%
Our very sexy shiny PVC Harlot Catsuit, designed to hug your body and mould your curves into an irresistible delight for the eyes! She features a... more info

Luxury PVC Bodysuit

Sale $90.47
Save: 17%
Made in our shiny PVC, she features a high stand up collar, and cut high on the thigh to show off your curves. She has a two-way zip; one starting... more info