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PVC Open Eyes Hood

$25.49 Sale $20.65
Save: 19%
Our sexy Open Eyes PVC hood will be a great asset to your PVC wardrobe. Made in super shiny PVC and features a zip at the rear to hold the hood in... more info

PVC Open Face Hood

$25.49 Sale $20.65
Save: 19%
Our sexy Open Face PVC hood will be a great asset to your PVC wardrobe. Made in super shiny PVC and features a zip at the rear to hold the hood in... more info

PVC Open Upper Hood

$25.49 Sale $20.65
Save: 19%
Our sexy Open Upper PVC hood will be a great asset to your PVC wardrobe. Made in super shiny PVC and features a zip at the rear to hold the hood in... more info

PVC Oral Hood

$27.80 Sale $22.52
Save: 19%
Our sexy Sissy Oral PVC hood will be a great asset to your PVC wardrobe. Made in super shiny PVC and features a zip at the rear to hold the hood in... more info

PVC Pansy Pouch

What a wonderful way to show just how submissive you are. The pansy pouch is worn alone and can be either lined in soft shiny satin or sensual shiny... more info

PVC Phoenix French Maid

$116.28 Sale $94.19
Save: 19%
Look at how sexy she looks in her shiny PVC Phoenix French Maid uniform! Made from sexy PVC, with satin pleated lace, and featuring a sexy PVC... more info

PVC Phoenix French Maid with Ruffle Collar

$154.44 Sale $125.09
Save: 19%
Look at how sexy she looks in her shiny PVC Phoenix French Maid uniform with detachable PVC ruffle collar! Made from sexy PVC, with satin pleated... more info

PVC Pillow Case

$33.59 Sale $27.21
Save: 19%
PVC pillow case. These are a must for every lover of PVC! Made in high quality shiny PVC, they feel amazing against your skin. The pillow case has a... more info

PVC Policegirl

$113.90 Sale $92.26
Save: 19%
"Hold it! You are under arrest sugar!" OK! We'll come gladly! Who could resist the demands of our strict, PVC Police Girls! The sexy hotpant design... more info

PVC Pop Zipper Briefs

$34.92 Sale $28.29
Save: 19%
A shiny and soft PVC low-rise brief for guys. Not only does this brief have a classic and handsome design, we’ve also lined the inside with shiny... more info

PVC Popper Mac

$119.26 Sale $96.60
Save: 19%
Our sexy PVC coat features a stunning stand up collar. The coat is closed with press-studs inside at the top of the shoulder, and with another... more info

PVC Popper Skirt

$69.85 Sale $56.58
Save: 19%
Our sexy PVC Popper Skirt features five poppers that can be undone as the mood takes you. Made from highest quality PVC, this Popper skirt has such a... more info

PVC Posing Briefs with Zip

$34.41 Sale $27.87
Save: 19%
Our sexy male posing briefs feature soft, shiny PVC that are also double lined in PVC so that soft sexy feel that's on the outside you feel against... more info

PVC Rear-Tie Skirt

$75.93 Sale $61.50
Save: 19%
What a sexy, daring PVC skirt - are you naughty enough to wear it? Featuring a gorgeous long front zipper and high waist design, this amazing... more info

PVC Ring Popper Briefs

$40.61 Sale $32.89
Save: 19%
Our sexy Popper briefs feature: Soft shiny PVC that are also double lined in PVC so that soft sexy feel that's on the outside you feel against your... more info

PVC Ruffle Maid

$209.07 Sale $169.35
Save: 19%
Our PVC Ruffle Maid is created from best quality PVC. She is fitted to the bodice; with pleated, puff-ball shoulders, and a deep satin cuff that... more info

PVC Seductress Dress

$82.68 Sale $66.97
Save: 19%
No one will be able to resist you when wearing our the Seductress dress. Made in shiny PVC with a two way stretch. She has high stand up collar, and... more info

PVC Sissy Bib

$39.39 Sale $31.90
Save: 19%
Just imagine being forced to wear this beautiful extra large PVC Sissy Bib! Made in beautiful shiny PVC, the bib is double-lined in PVC (front and... more info

PVC Skater Skirt

$71.39 Sale $57.83
Save: 19%
Our PVC Skater skirt is 11 inches long, and made from our very best quality PVC; so soft to the touch, and so very shiny! She features a wide... more info

PVC Sleeveless Body Stunner

$95.06 Sale $77.00
Save: 19%
Show you mean business whilst you crack the whip in this shiny PVC sleeveless body. Her plunging neck-line is elasticated as are the high leg cut... more info

PVC Split Skirt

$49.14 Sale $39.80
Save: 19%
What a absolute sight-sensation this sexy split skirt is! Made from high quality, super-shiny PVC, this gorgeous skirt has the perfect cut and style... more info

PVC Square-Pleated Maids Pinafore

$39.00 Sale $31.59
Save: 19%
Our delightful square-shaped PVC pinafore is a fetish delight! The edges are pleated in PVC, available in a colour of your choice. The pinafore is... more info

PVC Stockings

$37.00 Sale $29.97
Save: 19%
Luxury, slinky, shiny PVC stockings! If you are a lover of shiny PVC, then our hand-made stockings are just what you need to finish off any outfit!... more info

PVC Susanna Maid

$253.98 Sale $205.72
Save: 19%
Made in high quality shiny PVC, our spectacular Susanna PVC French maids uniform is sure to impress! She has a stand up collar with metal rings at... more info

PVC Suspender Shorts

$67.32 Sale $54.53
Save: 19%
Our super-sexy PVC Suspender Shorts are perfect for a night out! They feature a high waist-band with belt loops and a side zip. They are beautifully... more info

PVC SuzieLee French Maid

$109.62 Sale $88.79
Save: 19%
A wonderful reminder of the classic French Maid uniform. Made in shiny PVC, SuzieLee features a beautiful-shaped collar made in lace and with three... more info

PVC Tease Blouse

$79.51 Sale $64.40
Save: 19%
Such a breathtaking blouse! Gorgeous PVC shine, in the sexiest shiny colours, and the cut is perfect! Are you daring enough to wear this to the... more info

PVC Worship Bloomers with hood

$75.72 Sale $61.33
Save: 19%
Our amazing face-sitting bloomers are made in shiny PVC, with an elasticated waist, and has a wide cuff at the hem. They are also double-lined in a... more info

PVC Xara Maid (long sleeves, high neck)

$177.55 Sale $143.82
Save: 19%
Our ultra-sexy PVC French Maid's uniform in amazing purple PVC and black lace! Made from super-shiny purple PVC, with an elastic waist and lashings... more info

PVC Yari Mini Dress

$72.67 Sale $58.86
Save: 19%
Our soft, stretch, shony PVC sleeveless Yari mini dress has a stand-up mandarin collar. She also has a zip at the rear to keep her in place and also... more info

PVC Zipper Dress

$90.69 Sale $73.46
Save: 19%
Our amazing PVC Zipper Dress is made in shiny PVC, she features a stand-up collar, a full length front two way zipper which allows you to pull up and... more info

Rachelle PVC Suspender Belt

$42.16 Sale $34.15
Save: 19%
Made in shiny PVC which is elasticated at the waist-band. Double-lined in PVC and shaped beautifully. She has metal rings at the rear which a satin... more info

Ruska PVC Mistress Dress

$119.26 Sale $96.60
Save: 19%
This stunning skin-tight PVC Mistress dress exudes sexy power! Made in shiny PVC with a two-way stretch, this PVC full-length hobble dress with... more info

Salon Cape (PVC or Satin)

$94.07 Sale $76.20
Save: 19%
This kinky Fetish shiny cape features a flattering collar full length at the front with a generous amount of material. She has long flared sleeves... more info

Sammy PVC Romper

$96.37 Sale $78.06
Save: 19%
Our PVC unisex romper playsuit is an essential AB outfit, and you will get hours of joy wearing it! Made in shiny PVC with an elasticated neck entry,... more info

Sarra PVC Pantaloons

$89.60 Sale $72.57
Save: 19%
Made in shiny PVC material and featuring an elsticated waist, with a two way zipper front and rear for easy access. Our Sarra PVC Pantaloons are... more info

Satin-lined PVC Panties

$39.37 Sale $31.89
Save: 19%
These panties are truly amazing, a full cut pantie with an elasticated waist and leg openings. On the outside, shiny sexy PVC but on the inside they... more info

Sazzy PVC Spank Skirt

$59.02 Sale $47.81
Save: 19%
Be the sexiest PVC girl on your block! Our Sazzy PVC Spank Skirt is deliciously naughty and not for the shy girl! This PVC, super-sexy spank-skirt... more info

Seamed Luxury PVC Stockings

$40.79 Sale $33.04
Save: 19%
Luxury, slinky, shiny seamed PVC stockings with a spandex top! If you are a lover of shiny PVC, then our hand-made stockings are just what you need... more info

Sharleen PVC Mini Dress

$79.51 Sale $64.40
Save: 19%
Made in shiny PVC and with a wonderful stretch in the material to show off your body curves. She has a flattering heart shaped bust-line. Metal rings... more info

Sheyla PVC French Maid (with Petticoat)

$209.07 Sale $169.35
Save: 19%
Made in shiny PVC, Sheyla features a flattering neckline which is trimmed in pleated lace, and with a satin tied lace woven through, and with a cute... more info

Shiny Siarah PVC Mistress Dress

$86.73 Sale $70.25
Save: 19%
Wow, what a hottie you will look in our Shiny Siarah Dominatrix dress! She features long arms and a curved neckline. She looks great with thigh boots... more info

Short PVC Bloomers

$71.55 Sale $57.95
Save: 19%
Beautiful, kinky, mid-length PVC bloomers! Her waist is elasticated and trimmed in detailed lace and has a fixed satin bow at the front. The legs are... more info

Short PVC Gloves

$34.93 Sale $28.30
Save: 19%
Made in the glossiest PVC, these short PVC gloves will be an asset to your PVC outfit. Elasticated at the wrist for a perfect fit. You can give us... more info

Short PVC Ruffle Bloomers

$47.94 Sale $38.83
Save: 19%
Our stunning Short PVC Ruffle Bloomers are made in shiny wet look PVC (or SlipperyPlastic) that look amazing and feels so soft and smooth to the... more info

Shorts-style Luxury PVC Catsuit

$138.76 Sale $112.40
Save: 19%
Our very sexy one-piece, shorts-style catsuit. Made from high quality shiny PVC, this sexy catsuit features a double-zip design for full access. She... more info

Sofia PVC French Maid

$110.14 Sale $89.21
Save: 19%
Made in shiny, sexy PVC, our Sofia PVC French maid features a high neck PVC collar that is trimmed below and above the collar in wide pleated satin.... more info

Stern PVC Suspender/Panty Belt

$68.79 Sale $55.72
Save: 19%
Our PVC Stern Suspender Belt with clip-on PVC Panty is super strict looking, with so much detail! She features a wide waist band, that is beautifully... more info

Strict PVC Crop Top

$67.16 Sale $54.40
Save: 19%
Made in shiny stretch high quality PVC, this stunningly sexy crop top will be an asset to your PVC collection. She has a high stand up neck with... more info

Stripes PVC Catsuit

$149.69 Sale $121.25
Save: 19%
The most sensational catsuit! Designed to hug your body and cling to your curves, into an irresistible delight for the eyes! Made from high quality... more info

Stripes PVC Micro Camisole

$31.00 Sale $25.11
Save: 19%
This cute little retro-style PVC Stripes micro Camisole will make you feel like a 50's movie starlet. The camisole is made in soft shiny PVC, with... more info

Stripes PVC Suspender Belt and Panty

$57.00 Sale $46.17
Save: 19%
This cute PVC Stripes Suspender Belt with Micro Panty will make you feel like a movie starlet. This wide retro suspender belt is simply stunning -... more info

Suzette PVC Bra

$26.67 Sale $21.61
Save: 19%
Meet PVC Suzette, our hot sex bra! Suzette is made from high quality shiny PVC. A plunging halter neck design, she is held in place with elasticated... more info

Svena PVC Teddy

$78.67 Sale $63.72
Save: 19%
Svena is made in our beautiful PVC material with glossy finishing and features a deep V-neckline, elasticated adjustable shoulder straps for added... more info

Talia Popper PVC Suspender Belt

$37.51 Sale $30.38
Save: 19%
Our must-have suspender belt for your PVC collection! A wide-fitting suspender belt made in shiny PVC. Talia has an elasticated waist and silver... more info

Tamzin PVC Adult Baby Top

$124.03 Sale $100.47
Save: 19%
Tamzin is made especially to go with our adult baby PVC Ruffle Bloomers (not included). Made in shiny PVC and with a cute flat collar and with a... more info

Tania PVC French Maid

$124.56 Sale $100.89
Save: 19%
Tania French Maid has a short PVC skirt has a high waist, with a zipper at the rear. The skirt is lined and trimmed at the hem with lace, as is the... more info

Tany PVC Lingerie Set

$68.29 Sale $55.31
Save: 19%
Tany is made in sexy shiny PVC, this 3 piece lingerie set which is custom made only. The PVC bra features a deep V shaped plunge neckline with a... more info

TeenyTri PVC Bra

$15.06 Sale $12.19
Save: 19%
Meet TeenyTri, our hot sexy bra! TeenyTri is made from high quality shiny PVC, with satin-trim ties! She stretches out and can be tied nice and tight... more info

Trinity High PVC Hotpants

$51.48 Sale $41.70
Save: 19%
Wow! The perfect high-waist hotpants! This gorgeous design will really show your sexy butt! Made from super-shiny PVC, these gorgeous high-waist sexy... more info

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