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Leather C**k Ring

$20.96 Sale $19.28
Save: 8%
High quality 8 inch long, leather cock ring, with 2 snap sizing press studs, and large O ring for a leash to be clipped onto. The straps come in... more info

Leather Chastity Shield

$135.69 Sale $124.83
Save: 8%
Highest quality strong Chastity Shield, designed and made in-house by us for naughty cuckolds and chastity slaves who need the firmest control. This... more info

Leather Control Muzzle

$146.03 Sale $134.35
Save: 8%
Keep their mouth sealed with this strict muzzle! Made in real leather, the muzzle fits snug over the head, with adjustable buckle straps at the top... more info

Leather Cosplay Satchel

$107.21 Sale $98.64
Save: 8%
Made in beautiful, soft, real leather, our Cosplay Satchel is as cute as can be. The satchel features a flap front that is help in place with press... more info

Leather Fist Mitts

$109.21 Sale $100.47
Save: 8%
Made from soft high quality real leather, our beautiful Fist Mitts are both secure and restrictive! They have an adjustable buckle closure and the... more info

Leather Handle Dog Leash

$26.67 Sale $24.54
Save: 8%
Take the lead and show who's boss! Our hand-made leather leash comes in different length sizes so perfect for many uses not just a collar! It can be... more info

Leather Hog-Tie

$40.97 Sale $37.70
Save: 8%
Our strong real leather Hog Tie has four swivel claw hooks to make restraining your sub easy. This bondage device measures 11 inches from D-ring tip... more info

Leather Knee Pads

$72.81 Sale $66.98
Save: 8%
Deluxe leather knee pads are the perfect functional accessory for your puppy dog or for those who want or need to spend a lot of time on their knees.... more info

Leather Kneeling Straps (pair)

$120.24 Sale $110.62
Save: 8%
Real leather, hand-made, thigh/leg restraints with attached wrist straps! Feel totally at the mercy of your playmate, because once your locked... more info

Leather Lockable Adult Baby Reins

$125.02 Sale $115.02
Save: 8%
Highest quality strong Adult Baby reins, designed and made in-house by us for adult babies who need firm control. This beautiful leather harness... more info

Leather Madame Paddle

$51.48 Sale $47.36
Save: 8%
Our fantastic Leather Madame Paddle is ideal for light bondage and impact play. The paddle creates a fantastic sound when smacked against flesh, and... more info

Leather Muzzle

$153.34 Sale $141.07
Save: 8%
Keep their mouth sealed with this strict muzzle! Made in real leather, the muzzle fits snug over the head, with adjustable buckle straps at the top... more info

Leather Neck-Wrist Bondage

$87.15 Sale $80.18
Save: 8%
This item is made up of THREE leather items! First, the leather collar has two D-rings on one end and slits at the other which fits securely and... more info

Leather Nurse

$69.34 Sale $63.79
Save: 8%
A girl dressed in our fantastic leatherette Nurse Uniform is possibly the greatest cure for any ailment! The Nurse mini dress is form fitting with a... more info

Leather Pet Harness

$109.21 Sale $100.47
Save: 8%
Keep your naughty pet under control with our leather pet harness. The leather adjustable buckle waist belt has slits along it. This is then secured... more info

Leather Petgirl Ears (pair)

$79.92 Sale $73.53
Save: 8%
Become the petgirl you have always dreamed of being with our beautiful hand made leather Petgirl Ears. They feature a head harness with adjustable... more info

Leather Petgirl Paws (pair)

$85.52 Sale $78.68
Save: 8%
These lovely pet-girl paws are made in the finest soft real leather. Every kinky pet should have a pair of these leather paws! They feature life-like... more info

Leather Plug Harness

$92.66 Sale $85.25
Save: 8%
The perfect anal plug harness made from real leather! With three adjustment points for the perfect fit! The rectangular area is designed to allow the... more info

Leather Puppy Dog Mitts

$93.50 Sale $86.02
Save: 8%
These padded fist mitts are a form fitting-shape that hugs your fist. The high quality soft leather surround a precise layer of foam padding that's... more info

Leather Puppy Slave Hood

$188.06 Sale $173.01
Save: 8%
Our top quality, real leather puppy hood features a zip mouth (which can be opened and closed), and lacing at the rear. Amazing detail with large... more info

Leather Rabbit Muzzle

$157.08 Sale $144.51
Save: 8%
Keep their mouth sealed with this strict Rabbit muzzle! Made in real leather, the muzzle fits snug over the head, with adjustable buckle straps at... more info

Leather Serving Binder

$65.08 Sale $59.88
Save: 8%
Restrict your submissive to make them work harder for treats! Made in soft real leather, it has a waist belt with slits at one end, and D-rings at... more info

Leather Severe Mitts

$197.46 Sale $181.66
Save: 8%
Keep your sub's wondering hands in check with our severe padded mitts. Made in high quality real leather, and are satin lined for comfort and have a... more info

Leather Smack Paddle

$45.18 Sale $41.56
Save: 8%
Our leather Smack Paddle is from two pieces of high-quality, real-leather that is stitched and has six silver studs, which ensures that a... more info

Leather Strap-on Harness

$84.55 Sale $77.79
Save: 8%
Begin your strap-on adventure today with our stunning strap on harness! She is made from high-quality, soft, real leather. It has adjustable buckle... more info

Leather Whip

$71.07 Sale $65.39
Save: 8%
The perfect whip for disciplining a naughty submissive. The handle is about 20cm long, and the whip tassels are 30cm long, giving a total whip length... more info

Leather Zipper Bondage Gloves

$153.34 Sale $141.07
Save: 8%
Keep your sub's wondering hands in check with our zipper gloves. Made in high quality real leather, they can be optionally lined in satin or pvc for... more info

Leatherette Biker Jacket

$83.00 Sale $76.36
Save: 8%
Made in soft leatherette, which has the look and feel of real leather. A loose fitting jacket that will go with just about anything, and a perfect... more info

Leatherette Flasher Mac

$109.21 Sale $100.47
Save: 8%
Our leatherette, wrap-over Mac is deliciously sexy, and not just to be worn on rainy days. A beautiful cut and shaped coat. Shiny and sassy looks... more info

Leatherette Gimp Body Bag

$104.01 Sale $95.69
Save: 8%
This amazing Leatherette Gimp Body Bag is designed to keep your submissive totally restricted. Your arms are folded over and then inserted into the... more info

Leatherette Leather Long Skirt

$96.66 Sale $88.92
Save: 8%
For leather lovers and followers of fashion, our amazing, leatherette skirt is a must, wearing it to your place of work, a bar or club, you will not... more info

Leatherette Luxury Catsuit

$129.54 Sale $119.18
Save: 8%
The most sensational catsuit ever! Designed to hug your body and cling to your curves, into an irresistible delight for the eyes! Made from high... more info

Leatherette Panel Long Skirt

$111.36 Sale $102.45
Save: 8%
Our classic leatherette pencil skirt, made from 3 panels, sits just below the knee. Super sexy and figure-hugging, it will look amazing with a killer... more info

Leatherette Pit Stop Bodysuit

$87.15 Sale $80.18
Save: 8%
This sexy leatherette Pit Stop bodysuit will show off your curves to the max! Made in shiny soft leatherette and in a choice of many colours, she... more info

Leatherette Shorts-style Catsuit

$107.16 Sale $98.59
Save: 8%
Our very sexy one-piece, shorts-style catsuit. Made from high quality sexy leatherette, this sexy catsuit features a double-zip design for full... more info

Leatherette Vintage Suspender Knickers

$46.23 Sale $42.53
Save: 8%
Achieve the 1950s silhouette with our stunning vintage style lingerie. Made in Leatherette and features an elasticated waist and satin lace that ties... more info

Leatherette Viva Skirt

$87.15 Sale $80.18
Save: 8%
Viva is made in leatherette and features a wide waistband, with a zipper at the rear to hold her in place. This sexy floor length skirt is... more info

Leatherlook Elegant French Maid

$121.38 Sale $111.67
Save: 8%
Look at how sweet she looks in her shiny leatherlook Elegant French Maid uniform! Made from shiny fake leather and featuring a sexy square satin... more info

Leina Mistress Dress

$60.67 Sale $55.82
Save: 8%
A super sexy mini dress that demands attention! Made in shiny leatherette, with a crew neckline, a body forming dress which clings to your body and... more info

Lita Leatherette Top

$49.98 Sale $45.98
Save: 8%
Our Lita top will go with just about anything, shorts! skirts! trousers! Made in leatherette, with the look and feel of soft leather! She has a... more info

Livia Shiny Leatherlook Dress

$56.73 Sale $52.19
Save: 8%
Livia is made in our shiny leatherlook material or optionally the slightly thicker faux leather, and features a heart shaped neckline. This... more info

Lizzi Leatherette Skirt

$57.66 Sale $53.04
Save: 8%
Made in a choice of leatherette or slightly thicker faux leather, Lizzi features a 2"wide waistband which secures at the rear with a zipper. This... more info

Long Lamb Leather Skirt

$328.29 Sale $302.03
Save: 8%
For leather lovers and followers of fashion, our amazing, luxury lambskin leather skirt is a must, wearing it to your place of work, a bar or club,... more info

Long Leatherette Opera Gloves

$44.88 Sale $41.29
Save: 8%
Our sexy, long, black opera gloves are made of high quality leatherette. They are elasticated at the opening so they will stay put. These gloves are... more info

Lucille Shiny Leatherlook Dress

$52.53 Sale $48.33
Save: 8%
Lucille is made in our shiny leatherlook material or optionally the slightly thicker faux leather, and features a scoop neckline. This sleeveless... more info

Lucy Leatherette Spank Dress

$82.83 Sale $76.20
Save: 8%
There's no doubt you could be arrested for wearing this in public! But no problem, finding a gentleman to pay the fine will be easy! Figure-hugging,... more info

Luxury Control Harness

$252.62 Sale $232.41
Save: 8%
A unique all in one body harness, made in beautiful leather and features a high neck posture collar, which has an adjustable buckle strap at the... more info

Luxury Harlot Leatherette Catsuit

$98.18 Sale $90.32
Save: 8%
Our very sexy shiny Leatherette Harlot Catsuit, designed to hug your body and mould your curves into an irresistible delight for the eyes! She... more info

Martha Faux Top

$34.67 Sale $31.90
Save: 8%
Our Martha bra top is made in Faux Leather material (plus in a choice of also a thinner Leatherette or shiny PVC), and features adjustable shoulder... more info

Martiya Leatherette Party Dress

$60.18 Sale $55.37
Save: 8%
Our Martiya party dress is the little black dress that is a must for your wardrobe! Made in shiny fabulous Leatherette, she has a flattering... more info

Maya Leatherette Spank Skirt

$57.35 Sale $52.76
Save: 8%
Dare to wear our latest super mini skirt of the highest quality! Be the sexiest leather girl on your block! Our Maya leatherette Spank Skirt is... more info

Micro Leatherette Gloves

$23.17 Sale $21.31
Save: 8%
Made in high quality leatherette, our fingerless micro gloves are soft to the touch and super sexy! They easily slip on and held in place with a... more info

Miki High-waist Leatherlook Suspender Belt

$35.72 Sale $32.86
Save: 8%
Made in shiny leatherlook (fake leather), our stunning Miki retro-design suspender belt is high-waist style to give your body an amazing shape. With... more info

Mimi Lamb Leather skirt

$221.16 Sale $203.46
Save: 8%
This luxury mini-skirt is made from the softest, most high quality real lamb leather, and is a daring, sex-sensation! It is 11 inches in length. If... more info

Mistress Promise Leatherette Waspie

$73.91 Sale $68.00
Save: 8%
Our gorgeous Mistress Promise waspie waist-cincher is made from beautiful shiny leatherette and is made to fit your body perfectly. She has a rear... more info

Nicolette Party Dress

$43.86 Sale $40.35
Save: 8%
Do you dare to wear? Now you too can look like 'a night devil' in this sexy and slutty fake-leather micro dress! Made from high quality shiny fake... more info

Nieva Padded Bra

$46.23 Sale $42.53
Save: 8%
Our pretty Neiva bra is vintage inspired and is a semi-cup, non-wired fake-leather bra that features wonderful padded bra cups and adjustable satin... more info

Nina Leatherette Strict Skirt

$78.62 Sale $72.33
Save: 8%
Our Nina strict skirt demands respect when worn! Made from super-shiny leatherette, cut above the knee! This skirt features a full-length strong zip... more info

Open Boob Mistress Corset

$54.05 Sale $49.73
Save: 8%
Made in leatherette, our open cup bra top features a halter-neck style strap that slips over your head, with hand made leatherette cute bows at the... more info

Opey Faux Leather Skirt

$52.00 Sale $47.84
Save: 8%
Opey is made in Faux fake leather and features a full length zipper from waist to hemline, so be as daring as you wish to tease and tantalise. The... more info