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Opey Faux Leather Skirt

$52.00 Sale $42.64
Save: 18%
Opey is made in Faux fake leather and features a full length zipper from waist to hemline, so be as daring as you wish to tease and tantalise. The... more info

Ophelia Mistress Dress

$87.15 Sale $71.46
Save: 18%
Made in leatherette, Ophelia features a stand-up collar and a front zipper. She has long sleeves, super sexy figure hugging with a wonderful stretch... more info

Panel Lamb Leather Skirt

$351.82 Sale $288.50
Save: 18%
For leather lovers and followers of fashion, our amazing, luxury lambskin leather skirt is a must, wearing it to your place of work, a bar or club,... more info

Paris French Maid Uniform

$73.44 Sale $60.22
Save: 18%
Made in soft, shiny leatherette, our Paris French Maid uniform will not only be a joy to wear but also a treat for others to see you wear her! Paris... more info

Paz Leather Pixi Ears Muzzle

$186.43 Sale $152.87
Save: 18%
Keep their mouth sealed with this strict and humiliating Pixi ears muzzle! Made in real leather, the muzzle fits snug over the head, with adjustable... more info

Peta Leatherette Waist Cincher

$81.43 Sale $66.77
Save: 18%
Made from super-sexy, strong leatherette, our Peta waist-cincher is boned with thick 6mm plastic strips inside, and has strong laces. Get more... more info

Piggy Muzzle

$164.37 Sale $134.78
Save: 18%
Keep their mouth sealed with this strict piggy muzzle! Made in real leather, the muzzle fits snug over the head, with adjustable buckle straps at the... more info

Pony Gag Harness

$70.83 Sale $58.08
Save: 18%
Our extreme Pony Gag Harness is all you need to keep your sub controlled. The harness features a wooden mouth bit with large silver rings at each... more info

Prissy Posture Collar and Cuffs 3 inch Set

$90.35 Sale $74.09
Save: 18%
Beautifully hand-made leather posture collar and cuffs that every sissy would be proud to wear!/ Made in soft, real leather and covered in sweet lace... more info

Rana Leatherette Skirt

$85.25 Sale $69.90
Save: 18%
Rana is our stunning knee-length pencil skirt, that sits high on the waist, and is fully figure-forming, with a scalloped hemline, and a zipper at... more info

Raven Gothic Leatherette Dress

$105.90 Sale $86.84
Save: 18%
Our Raven Gothic dress features: Made in soft shiny Leatherette, with the look and feel of Leather at the fraction of the price! She has a flattering... more info

Raya Mistress Dress

$68.29 Sale $56.00
Save: 18%
Raya is seductive and sensual both of which you will feel when you wear her. Made in Shiny Leatherlook, she features a high neck and long fitted... more info

Samara High-waist Leatherette Skirt

$77.21 Sale $63.31
Save: 18%
1940's sexy siren high wasted skirt, and a breath-taking design that will make you look a million dollars! The skirt features a fashionable... more info

Semi Cut Opera Gloves

$27.32 Sale $22.40
Save: 18%
Made in faux leather (shown in the photos) or leatherette these fingerless opera gloves are a perfect addition to your wardrobe and will match any... more info

Sissy Collar and Cuffs Set (1.5 inch)

$80.90 Sale $66.33
Save: 18%
Beautiful, hand-made leather collar (1.5" in width) with an overlay of lace which has fixed satin rose buds and satin hanging bows. With a large... more info

Sizzling Leatherette Hotpants

$35.30 Sale $28.95
Save: 18%
Our Sizzling Hotpants are made from super-shiny leatherette, with a fabulous stretch, that clings to your body like a second skin! These gorgeous... more info

Stripes Leatherette Catsuit

$109.21 Sale $89.55
Save: 18%
The most sensational catsuit! Designed to hug your body and cling to your curves, into an irresistible delight for the eyes! Made from high quality... more info

Sweet Leather Lock Collar

$24.16 Sale $19.81
Save: 18%
From the front our Sweet Lock Collar is a beautiful simple leather choker which can be accessorized with any fashion clothing, but from the rear it... more info

Talia Popper Leatherette Suspender Belt

$29.00 Sale $23.78
Save: 18%
A wide-fitting suspender belt made in a choice of Shiny Leatherlook, Leatherette or Faux Leather. Talia has an elasticated waist and silver press... more info

Tammie Leatherette and Lace Stockings

$35.70 Sale $29.27
Save: 18%
Luxury, leatherette stockings with a gorgeous lace top! If you are a lover of fantasy, then our hand-made stockings are just what you need to finish... more info

Tatyana Leatherette Mini skirt

$61.32 Sale $50.28
Save: 18%
Dare to wear our latest super leather mini skirt of the very highest quality! Be the sexiest leather girl on your block! This leather mini skirt is... more info

Tess Waspie Suspender Belt

$53.58 Sale $43.94
Save: 18%
Dress-to-impress in Tess, our hot, retro-style waspie suspender belt. Made in a choice of shiny leatherette, PVC, satin or SlipperyPlastic, Tess... more info

Tessa Leatherette Crop Top

$46.33 Sale $37.99
Save: 18%
Made in shiny leatherette, our Tessa crop top is a fabulous addition to your wardrobe; easy to mix and match with our large collection of leatherette... more info

Topless Strait-Jacket

$172.09 Sale $141.11
Save: 18%
If one needs to be bound then why not do it with style in our Topless Strait-jacket! Our sexy straight jacket is made in real leather or leatherette... more info

Trainer Harness

$103.08 Sale $84.53
Save: 18%
Our real-leather Trainer Harness features an adjustable buckle-neck collar with a front D-ring, which has a vertical strap. The collar vertical strap... more info

Uria Leather Bra Top

$30.47 Sale $24.98
Save: 18%
So sensual and seductive, our Uria faux leather bra top will get you all the attention you want and more! Uria features a peep hole front, to show... more info

Vana Leatherette Bustier Top

$62.05 Sale $50.88
Save: 18%
Our Vana leatherette bustier Top features a strong metal rings at the back, and on either side. She ties securely at the back with satin lace. Vana... more info

Vana Leatherette Micro Shorts

$58.97 Sale $48.36
Save: 18%
Our Vana leatherette Micro-shorts (hipster-syle) are for the daringly-sexy and she has lace ties on either side for easy access. We use a synthetic... more info

Vanda Dress

$70.39 Sale $57.72
Save: 18%
Vanda is made in a choice of our fake leather or pvc fabrics and features a heart shaped plunge neckline, and short sleeves. She is form-fitting,... more info

Varvara Leatherette Dress

$94.06 Sale $77.13
Save: 18%
Ever so sexy and ever so sultry, jaws will drop, and eyes will pop when you slip into this naughty tight number! Made in kinky leatherette, she... more info

Vivi Leather Trousers (buttons)

$70.60 Sale $57.89
Save: 18%
Sensational leatherette trousers featuring the naughtiest shape! Please note we make these trousers up to a maximum of 40 inch hips only! Our... more info

Wrist and Waist Restraints

$95.16 Sale $78.03
Save: 18%
Our real leather waist-to-wrist cuff restraint is put around your waist, then secured using the large D-rings and slits at the end of the strap. A... more info

Yanny Party Dress

$72.89 Sale $59.77
Save: 18%
Yanny party dress has a square-shape neckline and back, with wide shoulder straps, and a sheer net panel at the breast area. Beautifully... more info

Zuzi Leatherette Spank Skirt

$45.18 Sale $37.04
Save: 18%
Our Zuzi spank skirt screams out for a session of intimate stimulation. Made in our beautiful leatherette material with a zipper to hold her in... more info

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