Mirabella Satin Maid

Mirabella Satin Maid

Mirabella features a cheeky tuxedo-style front panel that is laced, and fastens with contrasting colour cute buttons, and a Mandarin short collar.

The puffy long sleeves are edged in beautiful lace, and she has a ribbon tie under the bust-line.

Mirabella is elasticated at the small of the back to give a snug fit and define the shape.

The full, swishy circle skirt is pushed out and up with the detachable deluxe, layered petticoat.

Plus a wonderful satin pinafore with large lace trim.

When ordering, the main colour is the dress, and the 'trim' colour is the arms, lace and pinafore.

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This gorgeous Mirabella satin maids uniform set features:

  • Satin Maid Uniform
  • Satin pinafore with sexy lace trim
  • Detachable deluxe, layered petticoat

How to choose the perfect size:

1. Measure your HIPS and use the chart below to select the size that matches you.

2. Make sure that your chest size is not larger than that shown in the chart.

For example, if your hips are 37", then choose size Medium, so long as your chest is no larger than 41".

If you want to order a Custom size, please select that from the dropdown list and then complete our online measurement guide.

size: XS Small Medium Large XL XXL
your Hips
(most important!)
to 33½"
to 35½"
to 37"
to 39"
to 41"
to 43"
your Chest maximum: < 37" < 39" < 41" < 43" < 45" < 47"
Upper Arm (over shoulder) 17" 18½" 20½" 21½" 22¼" 23½"
Shoulder-to-Shoulder 14" 14" 15" 15" 16" 16"
Neck-to-Belly Button 16" 16" 17" 17" 18" 18"
Collar 13½" 13½" 14½" 14½" 16" 16"

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