Bondage Satin Sleep Sack

Bondage Satin Sleep Sack

A must-have for all extreme satin lovers!

Made in shiny satin, our full body bag features a high neck with a double ended full length zip which can be open and closed from the top and bottom of the bag so access can be had if and when needed.

It has four leather buckling straps and large D-rings attached on either side of each strap, and a D-ring at the feet also, so let your imagination run free.

We can make with standard buckles or lockable buckles (padlocks not included).

The sleep sack has internal arm bands to further restrict hand movement.

This is a great item for a submissive who has a fetish for bondage mummification.

Please give us your CHEST size in inches and HIPS size in inches, and preferably also your HEIGHT.

Use the Leather option to indicate the colour of the leather straps, and we can also make this WITHOUT any straps. If you want the sleep sack particularly loose or tight on your body sizes, please let us know when you order.

The Sleep Sack comes single-lined as standard, but can be optionally lined inside in back to back satin too, for the ultimate in slippery smooth delights.

Store as many of your body sizes first in your Shop account before ordering (especially your height!)